Customer Reviews from our Facebook Page

I received my package and tried the shampoo, conditioner and leave in conditioner today. My hair always has a case of the frizzies, not today! I used a hair dryer and brush as I always do and there is no frizz at all. I’ve tried many products to control it and a few have worked okay but they leave my hair feeling heavy and sometimes greasy also, this did not. My hair is very soft, smooth and shiny, I love it! The products smell amazing too!
— Laura, Pennsylvania
I have used the shampoo and conditioner for 3 days in a row and am in love! My hair is soft, lighter, and easier to style. It has more body and is less weighed down with the “extras” in my other products. I will continue to use these products and will recommend them to not only my riding friends but everyone else!
— Joanna, Wisconsin
I ordered the travel kit first and after only using 2 times I ordered all the full size bottles. My hair has never looked and felt so healthy. Thank you Road Head Hair Care!!!!!!
— Kimberly, Alabama
My husband bought the beard oil and he loves and so do I!!! His beard looks great and smells good too!!! Great product!!
— Anathea, Ohio